Yoga is a millenary art, direct expression of Consciousness.
The practice of Hatha Yoga creates a space for listening.

A conscious use of the body and breath helps to preserve or regain one's psychophysical balance.

A body free from tensions and a silent mind can be the prelude to Meditation, coveted by many but granted to few.

 We offer our private classes not only in our center but also in your accomodation by appointment.

"The mind creates the abyss, the heart overcomes it"

Shi Nisargadatta Maharaj



The Ayurvedic massage (Abyangam) purifies and strengthens our body through fluid and continuous movements of the hands, thus allowing deep relaxation due to the release of internal tensions and a new expansion of spontaneous breathing.

this massage reactivates circulation, promotes the stimulation of lymph and blood, helping the elimination of liquids and nourishing the skin and muscles.

 We offer our treatments at your accomodations by appointment.

"The state of health and the state of illness depend on the reaction to internal and external stimuli".

Swami Joythimayananda

Marzia Kamala Devi 


I started practicing Hatha Yoga since 2003, graduating as a Yoga teacher and Ayurvedic operator with a master in Yoga Therapy at the Jaty School in Milan.

In 2009 I met the tradition of Kashmir Shaivism with Eric Baret, a student of Jean Klein who will greatly influence my approach to the practice.

I had the opportunity to deepen the practice of yoga and massage by staying in different Ashrams in India, I explored the study of Mantras with the master Krishna Das in the Himalayas and obtained the diploma of Professor du Son with the master Patrick Torre, founder of the Istitut des Art la Voix in Paris.

Since 2008, I have been managing  “L'Albero della Vita“ Cultural Center, where I hold Yoga classes for adults and children, Ayurveda seminars and workshops, collaborating with public and private bodies.